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3. The Captain
3. The Captain.

   On deck, Ty stood rubbing his temples. “Why my ship? She could have thrown herself at any of those ships in the docks.”
   His first mate, the pirate with the golden hair smiled at his captain and older brother, “She clearly knows quality when she sees it.” He joked, making Ty roll his eyes over to look at him, so he added, “That and we were the only ship leaving port at the time. She needed a quick escape and we were it. Pure luck and coincidence.”
   Ty watched Jerard shrug and shake his head, “I wish I had your optimism but the fates are never that kind. I fear Jessica may be right, this feels like a bad omen to me.”
   Jerard threw open his arms, “What could she do? If she attacks the crew, we out number her. If she destroys the ship, she drowns with it. She knows we know she is a wanted mage…” He folded his arms and mischief shone in his eye
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2. The Witch
2. The Witch.

   What was that?
   Something flew overhead. It was hard to see, moving too fast over the narrow streets that provided little to no view of the horizon. Everyone around had their eyes on the sky.
   “Was that an airship?”
   “No, it moved too fast!”
   Voices rang out three at a time and with each new voice, Amiera could hear the tone of panic rise. Though the sun hung high above her, she pulled her hood tighter around her head and her scarf around her face as more and more people gathered, and ducked into a side street. She grew nervous in a crowd, her past experiences with large groups of people never started nor ended well and were best avoided if possible. However, her pale blue eyes found there way back up to the sky and memories of a similar shadow flooded back into her mind. Her heart started to race. She had to see if her hunch was right.
   She looked around
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1. The Stone
1. The Stone

  Morning dawned on the human city of Moonridge, the warm sunlight flooded the narrow streets that were already a buzz of merchants and bakers. The air was a mix of warm spices, sweet smells and steam coming from machines and factories. Added to that was a breeze that blew in from the harbour, bringing with it the smell of salt and the sea. The breeze carried all the way up to the library, a large, round building, doubling as both a study for mages and as an apothecary. It’s practitioner, Pallan, was an old wizard with large crows feet in the corners of his eyes and a long, grey beard. With his many years of experience under him, he made it his duty to teach the ways of healing to younger, promising mages. ‘I only teach spells of healing and fortitude’, he would reassure the city; for word had began to spread of the dangerous use of magic with in the city walls and the civilians had began to suspect foul play. Black magic had been out
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Yosh, so I finally found 5 minutes to write a journal XD huzzay! I want to take a moment and talk about the story I started writing. I don't know how long any of you have followed me for but, if you know me from my old account, you may know that I used to write a LOT of unfinished stories. 

The truth is, when I was in High School I wrote one large looooong story and all the characters that I made for that story turned out to be characters that I love and would work with throughout my time at University. Characters like Dontas, for example, were born from said story. 
However, during my time at University, a lot of really dark stuff happened to me that threw my self confidence in every aspect of my life, including my creativity. I threw away my original story and tried to make individual stories for my characters instead. These stories were never finished though because none of them ever felt right. Then, as new characters where born, I tried to slot my old characters into their stories and that too, never worked out. I was really upset about it all. I thought I was unable to create what I wanted but it's taken me until now to realise that, the only reason those stories never worked was because those characters were never meant to be in those worlds.

And so, I've shaken myself into seeing that I need to throw away my doubt instead of my ideas and just write the story I had originally intended to write.

Obviously the story itself has evolved and developed since my time writing it in HS but i feel it has changed for the better. So, if you feel up to the long task of following these characters, I will be posting the chapters here :) This story involves a bunch of characters never featured on my DA before (but I have had since the original story) and a bunch of my old favourites, Dontas, Tsule, Ty, Jerard, Evan...maybe even Loki will feature, along with my new love Elladan, to name but a few.

It has been a long time since I was writing anything like this and on this scale so I still feel very rusty but I'm easing back into myself as I go and it's really enjoyable ^^ I hope some of you out there will enjoy it too.

Sorry for rambling about my insecurities and anxiety but it really helps :)

Anyway! That's all for now ^^ anything you want to ask, i'll answer, just leave a wee comment :) Thanks guys!! xxxxxxxxx


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